Thursday, May 24, 2012

Poor man's necklace?

Not too sure what I should call this next little project, but it did result from me being too cheap to order it from etsy, so I guess it can be called my poor man's necklace. I am posting this for a friend, but also as an FYI for anyone in young womens as it would be an easy and cheap activity. (we are planning on doing it in a couple weeks)

I like jewelry( as evidenced by my old part time job at the Plaid Giraffe, right?....ahhh that was fun). I peruse jewelry on etsy all of the time. Sometimes I try to replicate things, but finding the appropriate supplies can be tricky, especially in Edmonton.  I saw this cute necklace, then went off to Michaels to see if I could find some decent beads(which I could not).

I was not too sure what to do next, but then I remembered in grade 8 I used to make beads out of Fimo(they were really ugly, I promise) and I remembered I had a lot of fimo sitting being wasted in my basement.(*we bought the fimo when Shane decided he liked to make figurines out of it-we bought a lot, as per my Hoarders syndrome, and he used it once-haha). Fimo is actually pretty awesome, you can make anything out of it(it is like a harder play dough) then you bake it and it becomes rock hard.All of the baking instructions are on the package.

I make some beads similar to the yellow ones, just by rolling balls and poking a toothpick through them. I ripped an old t-shirt for the string, just like the picture, and here is what I came up with.
(I know, hers is way nicer, but for about 2.50$ I am okay with mine:)
I only had a small package of yellow fimo, so instead of doing 7 beads on the bottom and 5 on the top, I did 5, and 3. I just tied knots in between each bead.
NOTE: one package as seen above is what I used for one necklace
I added a lobster clasp to the end of mine just by tying knots(as per the "shabby chick" aka sloppy and easy style I love).

The best parts of this project is in total it takes 45 minutes-ish. It is Super easy. It costs about 2 or 3 bucks for a pack of Fimo. You can make many different variations of it. You can find Fimo anywhere, and you feel like a rockstar when you make your own stuff!

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