Saturday, May 12, 2012


I was going to include this in my update with the boys, but since this is so EPIC in my life I figured it deserved it`s own post!!
I did wonder if this day would ever come. I had been working with Hudson for awhile, and he was not interested at all! Everyone assured me that when he decided to, he would just start doing it, and that is totally what happened!
Our success started a couple weeks before Easter when we made a potty chart, that he could fill in each time he went to the bathroom. We realized that he really wanted to get Elefun, a kids game and used that as our reward. Eventually he figured out that going to the bathroom is a lot better than the alternative! Yipee!!!!!
 Hudson does get distracted in the bathroom, and loves to play with toilet paper, but he is DONE with diapers(even at night). Hudson also one day a week or so ago informed me that he will no longer be sitting and going to the bathroom, that instead he will be standing. I was opposed at first, but he is pretty good. (let`s call a spade a spade-Boys don`t ever really have good aim right...)

Anyway, I am thrilled with this progress!!!!One Down...........

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