Monday, September 10, 2012

I love.......

I love it when Hudson tells me I am swell.
I love the constant demands for snuggles, Dora, and Crisscross
I love the many Impromptu I love you's so much!
I love that before Hudson says anything, he says"Mom I have to tell you something"
I think it is so funny when Hudson says "Smell you later"
I love that Hudson loves stealing my blankie.(and he tells me that he can't sleep without it)
I love Hudson's random popularity and social life. He gets invited over for play dates and birthday parties all of the time, and just recently he has become one of the boys included in the neighborhood clan. He even has little nicknames for his buddies-Kaiya "Kai".
I love that Hudson has an opinion on the music we play in the car(He LOVES Justin Beiber)
I love it when Hudson tells me he misses me super much. Or loves me SUPER much!
I love that he wants to say his own prayer.(and they are hilarious)
I love that things are SO literal to Hudson, and I love the questions he asks me-they are so thoughtful.
I love that I have such a happy baby.
I love that my little Machy starts to jump in his crib when I come to get him.
I love that my baby always wants his Mama!
I love that Coops reaches up for his Daddy when he is on the ground.
I love it when Hudson tells me I am either a good girl or a bad girl.
I love the way Hudson tells me stories about people and says "hers is a....."
I love watching Hudson play with his brother.
I love that Hudson sneaks into my bed every night, and promptly goes to sleep so fast. He seriously thinks he can sleep better in our bed.

I hope in writing a few of these things down, I will remember these special times. Kids grow so fast, and I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to experience these sweet boys. They really are the funnest and they are my(and Shane's)life!!!!

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