Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Canada!!

 Well I guess I posted about Hudson's finger just a teeny bit premature. I didn't realize that the battle had just begun. I am the type of Mom that figures nothing is that bad and everything will work out just fine given some Tylenol, popsicles and snuggles. Shane on the other hand is more the hypochondriac type(hence his famous man colds-kidding). He followed the Emergency Doctor's instructions and made a follow up appointment with the plastic surgeon regarding Hudson's finger(if I was given those same instructions there is no way I would have followed up). I apprehensively took Hudson to his first appt, and he was still in too much pain to do an accurate assessment, meaning we had to go back AGAIN(now I am really annoyed:). So yesterday Shane and I took Hudson back to the Doctor. He told Shane that he was not sure Hudson would get all of his finger function back and that he should have surgery. He would reopen his wound and stitch the ligaments together again. There is something called a boutonniere deformity that Shane was worried about, and the Doctor agreed that Hudson might have it if he did not get his finger fixed within 2 weeks of his injury.

 Hudson cut himself 2 weeks ago today, so this morning we had to get up and go to the hospital. The whole experience was a bit of an eye opener. Hudson has never really had to use the Canadian Health Care system before(aside from the odd check up and being born:) so I didn't think too much about it.  Then, we were called in, and everything was so smooth. The staff were super professional,friendly, and very patient with Hudson. For over a half an hour Hudson had 9 to 11 Doctors, residents, medical students, nurses and respiratory therapists waiting on him. They all worked together and complimented each other, just to FIX MY SON'S FINGER!!! As a Mother, I truly LOVED each of those workers for taking such good care of my baby! The plastic surgeon was so down to earth and kind! I did not have to pay thousands of dollars to receive this treatment, I am not a socialite or celebrity, just a regular schmuck who probably was not watching my very busy three year old son carefully enough! The surgeon had to cut Hudson's finger open basically from the first knuckle to the top knuckle. It all seemed really crude at first, but watching the doctor stitch his little finger up and make everything line back up was like watching an artist.  The Doctor confirmed that it was the right thing to do as his ligament had receded very far back, and he was certain he would have the deformity if Shane had not taken him in! I felt SO SO THANKFUL!Yes we had to wait an hour and a half before we were seen. Yes, we were in Emerg for 6 hours 2 weeks ago, and a plastic surgeon should have seen his finger initially, but it all worked out.  I do not have ridiculous premiums to pay every month, and I do not owe thousands of dollars for the services we obtained. Our system is not perfect, but I just feel really grateful to know that I live somewhere where my family and I can be taken care of!

It only took one needle to change Hudson's mood from Laughing to Crying!

The spotlight was very bright, but here the Doctor was stitching up the ligament.

On to the next reason I am LOVING Canada today! I few months ago I saw this graph and it helped add to the gratitude that I have for my homeland!

As I prepare to go back to work(2 days a week),I just thought I should share this and let everyone know how thankful I am to live in Canada! I get PAID to say at home FOR A YEAR with my baby! I don't really think that I need to expound on this! Just very thankful!


  1. So many positives about the Canadian systems. There are always wait times but if it's serious enough you get in and usually is great. Drives me nuts when Americans bash it because I guess till you need it you never know how good it is.

    So glad it's fixed. Cute photo of Shane comforting Hudson.

  2. Ahem, about that "not expounding" on the last bit... I THINK YOU SHOULD EXPOUND ON THE LAST BIT unless you want me to jump to conclusions and yell a big internet CONGRATULATIONS!