Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mom and Dad's!

I am so excited that My parents are in their new home. They have been for a few months but there has been tonnes of projects that still needed to be done! My Dad has spent hundreds of hours finishing the basement, getting his garage all unpacked(building shelves and organizing), and grading and sodding their yard. Currently he is hooking up the in floor heating, and finishing up some of the planter boxes he has built. This past visit it really was amazing to see their house looking like a real house! So I figured I would share some pictures of their pretty house!!

The new 901-3rd Ave S.E. Slave Lake, AB.

Just a VERY LONG 16 months ago this is what my parents house looked like!
This was the picture that Lonnie sent to my phone to show to my parents. It was the morning after the fire and everyone was evacuated and no one knew who's houses were still standing. Lonnie stayed behind to help the town restore power. This picture still makes my stomach turn! The chimney is the only thing standing from my parents home.

A closer look at the chimney. So sad.

Here is a picture of our home a year prior to the fire, right after my parents re stucco'd their house.

Here is a picture from the back-you can see many people have their homes started!
Our neighborhood coming back together!
Here are a couple new homes, amongst the houses that were not burned. As you drive through parts of Slave Lake it really is so strange how random the fire really was. My parents next door neighbors had no damage at all to their home, while my parents house burned even the foundation.
Here is the ever photogenic Shelley in her new kitchen

A miracle! My parents not hiding out in the basement. They find that they spend their time on the main floor of this house.

Here is the red room. When my Mom was living in Edmonton we decided she needed a red room so we sewed this quilt and planned out this spare room. We love it!

Here is a pic of the living room.

A messy craft/sewing room-as it should be:)
I will post more pictures later. My parents still do not have a kitchen table, and basically only have a piano and TV in their huge basement. It is a beautiful home and it is so wonderful to have a place to come home to and a place to sit around and visit my brothers and sisters!

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