Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back to work

This week I headed back to work. Things went really well. It was interesting, to see how dusty my brain has gotten. I love working. I think this may not be the case if circumstances were different, but I work with the NICEST group of girls, with similar temperament, and interests. I have to be honest, being back at work has given me a boost and actually made me feel like I have friends again. It was great. Shane took the week off work and was able to stay home with the boys this week. It was so nice not to have to worry about how the boys were doing, and I have to be honest, I think Shane is a better "stay at home mom than me". My house has been so clean, laundry done and put away and Shane is much more consistent with Hudson. Maybe I should head back FT and Shane should stay home? haha
Workin Mama.

Little Machy has turned 11 months old. His little personality shines more everyday. Proudly he bum skooches around and gingerly waves or claps his hands. I think the biggest change we have seen in our little baby this month has been Coopers obsession with music. Even if her hears just one beat, he is dancing. It is so cute. He loves TV, especially if the programs have music. It is so different than Hudson, who had NO interest at all in TV, until he was over 2.5. Cooper loves his new ability to crawl up and down the stairs and will often crawl up to the playroom and sit quietly and play with toys. He also proudly can crawl up onto the couch and ottoman. I can't believe now how when I look at my little guy, he is looking more little boy, and much less baby.

My sweet Cooper snuggling with me after work. He didn't let me out of his site when I came home. The best reward any Mama could ever ask for!

Hudson is still my little hurricane. He keeps himself busy reading, watching Dora, playing outside, and asking me lots of questions. We are really trying to clamp down on Hudson and try to get him to control his energy. He is the funnest kid I know, but has so much energy, so we are really working on using his manners, and asking us questions in the form of a sentence. He has been working on his letters and usually when Cooper has his first morning nap, we will sit down and have"school time". He loves to play computer games on Hudson's vocabulary still continues to amaze me. If he hears me say something to him once, he will never forget it, and generally will use the word in proper context. This weekend Shane has been in Calgary at a conference, and Hudson was been walking around telling me that he is so disappointed that Daddy is not here. He will tell me that Cooper's diapers are disgusting, he will inform me when he is getting frustrated, ect ect. Another thing that really amazes me, (and may just be a common thing 3.5 year olds do-who knows), but Hudson always knows where we are when we are driving. He can direct me to Costco, the church, the hospital and many other places. He knows how to get home and if we are close to home. It is always amazing to me when we are driving along, and he will say, Mom right behind those trees is.... He is always right.

Hudson with his new treat chart. Yet another attempt in disciplining our sweet boy!

Happy Brothers!

Another new skill Hudson has mastered is getting all dressed by himself. Usually after breakfast Hudson will take off to his room and be gone for a few minutes. When he is all done getting dressed he comes down stairs and announces what he was just doing and says Ta Da. I love seeing the outfits that he comes up with. They are hilarious. I don't know why, but I love it when he dresses himself. It makes me so proud of him. I just love him so much!

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