Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cooper is ONE!!

This has to be the fastest year of my life.

Cooper turned one this week. My baby is now a toddler. I can't believe it. He truly is perfection packaged as a child. He has been a blessing since the moment he was born.

A minute old. No crying, just looking around checking things out

Our family. What a happy day!

 So much is changing in his little world. In fact, today he started walking. He was been "working on it" for some time, but now can pretty much walk the length of our home. All of us clap and cheer as he takes off, and you can see his confidence grow. It is so cute to see Hudson get so excited for his brother.

Here is a little video of our proud little walking boy.

Until this point in Cooper's life he has not shown ANY aggression or assertion. He was happy playing second fiddle. Things are beginning to change. Cooper now likes a little bit of attention, and understands that in order to receive any he is going to have to fight for it. He is making his presence known. He will bum scooch his way around until he is in the action.  He has even figured out how to climb up onto the kitchen table chairs, and then onto the table.

Cooper's personality has really started to shine. It started when my Sister's Leanne and Rudi came to visit. He would pretend to be shy, and hide on them. He also flirted with them and was just being so funny. He would bury his head in the carpet, then look up smiling, then bury his head again. He has also really taken to my Mom. I find it so interesting how much he likes her, being that she lives so far away. He will crawl follow Gram around and even walk over to her.

 Cooper has been getting his 2 upper molars this week, and has been a bit sad/sick. I love that he is so sensitive when he is not feeling 100%. He will just come and lay his head on my shoulder, and snuggle. Both Shane and I have been rocking him in his rocking chair before bed each night to help him feel our immense love for him.

Aside from ANY attention from his brother, Cooper's FAVORITE thing is an Iphone or Ipad. He can't get enough of the touch screens. If there is a phone anywhere in sight, he will do almost anything to get it. Nothing can distract him. So many little things are making him seem so grown up. He loves his sippy cups, and whenever he is thirsty he will find his little cup and take a drink.

We have to be pretty careful with Cooper around because he loves himself a nasty toilet/toilet paper/and plant dirt.  Hudson has been trained well to make sure to keep the bathroom doors shut, and we currently have a chair guarding our larger floor plants. If we let our guards down at all, he fully takes advantage. He has a radar that allows him to determine whether the bathroom door is open or not I am sure.

 My sweet Cooper really has been the perfect baby. He is so smiley, cuddly, sweet and he has such an amazing personality. He is extremely easy going and he just fits in our family so well. We are all so taken by him. When I ask Hudson who his best friend is, he always responds, Mamma, Dad and Coops. Cooper is so patient with his rowdy brother. I can hardly describe the pure joy that is illuminated from Cooper when Hudson dances for him, hugs him, carries him, talks to him or gives him kisses. My favorite thing in the world is watching my two sweet boys play together, and love each other. I can not even imagine my life without my kids. It really feels like Cooper has always been with us. He is an absolute joy and the greatest goal in my life is to help my boys have the best lives they can, and to teach them properly.

Playing with some fun toys together.

"Look Mom, I am carrying Coops"
I love you so much Cooper! You are adored by  all who have ever laid eyes on you. Your cousins, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and of course me, your Dad and Hudson, are so proud of you and are so thankful you are part of our family.
Love you sweetie,

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm almost in tears. Why do they have to grow SO fast. What a sweet guy Mr Cooper is.