Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Decorations

Okay, last post today, I promise. I usually have my posts already written, but getting the pictures placed takes me forever, so when I get around to it, I usually have multiple posts:)

Last week my assistant(Hudson) and I decorated for Halloween. Hudson loved telling me where to put things(even though his type A Mama rarely listened). I think the best part of the decorations was when Shane came home and Hudson screamed with excitement and spun around on the floor telling his Dad about the transformation.

I love decorating for holidays, So much so that I have even asked Shane "if I die, will you still make sure to decorate for the holidays?"

I am cheap, and like to switch things up often, so I never spend a lot of money. I usually DIY or else buy decorations from Dollarama. This year I printed off a cute banner I found on Pinterest, costing me nothing.

So here is our spooky house!

Now one quick one of my Halloween cutie.

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  1. Love the decorations! I love to decorate for the holidays too! Hudsen is a cutie!