Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our cute Dragon and Burger

Last year Halloween was one of the most fun "parenting" nights of my life. Cooper was only a week old, and the weather was great. Hudson's addiction to candy and excitement for life made it such a great and memorable night.

This year, now that they boys are a year older I knew we were in for another fun evening.  The only problem we had, was something completely out of our control-Mother Nature. It was a typical Canadian Halloween-making it stinkin cold! It was -10 to-15 and a bit windy, keeping out trick or treating short.
"Mom, it is freezing out here"

So excited getting his Candy
Look at his eyes! Bring on the stomach ache!
Today I really wanted to spend the whole day doing Halloweeny things with Hudson. I am guilty of allowing Hudson to watch way to much TV, which, I do feel teaches him a lot, but I know that I need to be better at DOING more things with him. He loves to be a helper, and do crafts. That being said, this morning we made Halloween "Masterpieces" and then made necklaces and finished carving Cooper's pumpkin. After craft time, we had a quick nap, and got ready for Trick or Treating, and handing out candy. Hudson was so happy and so excited. He has made a few friends around our neighborhood, so it was really cute seeing him be social with his pals. I also was amazed at what a super festive street I live on. I only went to a couple of the doors, but so many of the adults who handed out candy were dressed up, and so many people went ALL out decorating their homes.

Some of our Halloween Crafts and Activities

One of our awesome neighbors!

Here is a super creepy picture of Shane as the Big Bad Wolf.(3 of his co-workers dressed up as the 3 little pigs)
Halloween came and went quickly. I sure hope that my boys had as much fun as I did! These special nights really are rewards for some of the more difficult times.

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  1. You have a fun blog, Lindsey. Your kids are adorable.