Monday, March 26, 2012

Change for Hudson

At our church the little 18 month-three year old kids go to Nursery. Nursery is pretty much the only structured element in Hudson's life. He has been blessed to have the sweetest leaders who have been so kind and patient to him.
Yesterday was Sister Zemp and Sister Johnston were released from their calling or assignment to be Hudson's teachers. I love these two ladies, for the simple reason that they loved my Hudson.
I knew that Alisa(Johnston) was moving so she was going to be released, but I was surprised by "Zemp" and I was even more surprised by my reaction. I totally cried! I guess I was just feeling grateful and sad on Hudson's behalf. He is a pretty resilient kid though, and I am sure he will keep his new teacher's on their toes!

Here are a couple pictures of Hudson and his first Church teachers.

Don't they just look like angels!
To most other people this may seem insignificant. To my little boy, and his Mama, these special ladies have made a lasting impression!

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