Thursday, March 22, 2012

A few things about me!

One Hundred Things about Lindsey by Lindsey
I saw this on someone else's blog and thought it was cute.

1.Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza is my favorite pizza.
2. I would pick candy over flowers any day.
3.I love to vacuum.
4.I can't spell.
5.I once stuffed a pillow in my pants(the back) and went into 7-11 and acted like nothing was wrong-I was over 18 when it did it.
6.I wanted to change my name to Kate(my middle name)in grade 9
7.I love a good chick flick-I once paid for a friend to see Brittany Spears-Crossroads with me
8. I sometimes think of myself as Mrs. Usher Raymond.
9. Sometimes I wish I were more liberal, but I am not.
10.My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird.
11.Michael Jackson might just be my favorite singer
12.The best concert I have ever been to is U2 in Calgary with Sheila Babes, Michael Buble at the Winspear with Jenn is a close second.
13.I am a night owl(I actually think I just have insomnia)
14. One of my worst habits is chewing my nails, but right now I haven't been chewing my nails for over a year
15.I am a TERRIBLE singer, my husband is an excellent singer.
16. I once started running to impress a guy( and even kept it up for a couple years).
17.I have sworn in front of both of my parents and my mother in law-not my finest moments.
18.I remember stealing Bonkers candy from IDA (drug store) while Christmas shopping with my older brothers and sisters at the age of 4 or 5.
19. I hated being a teenager, I still shutter thinking about those years.
20.I spent most of my junior high years in the hall at school for talking with my classmates.
21.I didn't dye my hair until I was 19 and have not stopped since.
22. I am thirty and have tones of grey hair.
23.I am really bad at keeping in touch with my friends but I think of them often.
24.I love sushi.
25. Thai food is my favorite!!
26.I drink my first Diet Pepsi/Coke before 10am everyday.
27. I am no respecter of  caffeinated beverages(I will drink either Pepsi or Coke-or any variation).
28.For two years I ate Tuna Casserole 5 times a week.
29.I tend to over buy things when they are on sale-thus saving me no money at all.
30.If I ever have another child and it is a girl her name will be Presley.
31.I wanted to be a chiropractor in High School.
32.The skinniest I have ever been in my adult life was after my mission.
33. The most influential person in my life(aside from my family) is my mission president-Phillip Pulsiphur.
34.I would love to learn Photoshop.
35.Erin Giese is my oldest friend.
36. I was always jealous of Erin Geise at Christmas because her Mom Wendy would decorate their house and all we had was just a tree.
37.I love giving people nicknames-even if I don't know them (ie. people's boyfriends, parents ect. whom I haven't met)
38.I once got addicted to whitening my teeth and accidentally bleached my gums too.
39. More than once I have woken up and thought my dream was a reality.
40.I love to take baths.
41.I love to sew blankets-they are very forgiving to sew.
42.I can't help but laugh when people hurt themselves.
43.I went to some of my friends' high school graduations, but did not attend my own.
44.I always feel bad after telling people off! ALWAYS, immediately.
45. I love getting a deal, but I can't stand cheap people.
46. I have never seen the movie series of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter.
47.I was pretty sure 9/11 was a radio prank when I first woke up that morning and heard it on the radio.
48. When I realized that  9/11 was real, I was pretty sure it was the end of the world.
49.On New Years Eve 1999, I took extra cash out of the bank because I thought something y2kish was going to happen-nothing did.
50. I can't handle magic. I hate that I can't understand it.
51. I always said my husband would have to know how to juggle-and he does!
52.I love chocolate milk so much once I drank so much I cried(and it was at my friends' parents house)
53. I once had a friend "page" me out of a date when I was on call.
54. I hate the Never Ending Story and The Princess Bride, and almost anything else Fantasy-ish
55.I feel bad when I see older people working at 7-11, fast food restaurants, or Walmart-it kind of makes me want to cry.
56. I am scared to play volleyball with good volleyball players.
57.I love crushed ice.
58.I was VERY homesick when I first got to Guam, but I have been homesick for my mission since I left.
59.I always feel bad for people in wheelchairs-even if they don't feel bad for themselves.
60.I remember when gas was 37.9 cents a liter.
61.I am pretty sure I have OCD.
62.I have never owned a vehicle that wasn't silver.
63.Ellen is my favorite daytime TV show.
64. Tennis is BY FAR my favorite sport to watch. I actually hate watching sports.
65. I love watching the Olympics.
66.I can speak a handful of phrases in many languages.
67. I wish that I spoke Spanish
68. I hate early mornings! I almost didn't go on a mission because missionaries wake up everyday at 6:30.
69.I hate wearing nylons, and I am still thankful I didn't have to wear them on my mission.
70.Once I got egged in the face.It totally hurt my face and my feelings.
71.I have seen every episode of Storage Wars, but if it is on I will still watch it.
72.I somewhat live in fear of Hudson, Cooper or Shane getting sick and dying.
73. I hate watermelon and lemon flavored candy.
74.I still sleep with my baby blanket.
75.One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given is that it is better to be kind than it is to be right.
76. Another is to judge people on their intentions, and not their actions.
77. I was mistaken for my older sister's little brother more than once when I was younger.
76. I had a mushroom cut in grade six.
78. I lose/break 3-4 pairs of sunglasses per year.
79.I wish I more fully understood what was happening in Rwanda and Bosnia in the 1990's and I wish there was something I could have done to stop it.
80.How Hitler pulled off what he did both scares and fascinates me.
81.I think the iPhone may be one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime.
82. I seriously considered being a Justice of the Peace as a side job.
83. Until last year I thought Libberocchi was born in the 1800's.
84.I have an excellent memory for things I wish I could forget and often forget important things.
85.I have a small obsession with wreaths.
86.I punched Amos McCheonie in the face for calling me a B word, and I thought I was going to throw up immediately after because I felt so bad.
87.In grade 7 I egged my friend Bridget on, to beat up a boy in our class for calling her the B word. She totally won and gave the kid a bloody nose. Mr. Turnbull then gave the kid a DT for hitting a girl.
88.I got out of a speeding ticket because my second degree sunburned blistered face got cold sores on it and they were oozing, and the Cop felt bad for me.
89. I have run out gas on the highway and in the middle of traffic more times than I would like to admit.
90. I once convinced my little brother that Lois Lane(Teri Hatcher) was at the Royal Bank in Slave Lake.
91.I "ran away" twice when I was a teenager.
92.I get road rage.
93.I love all string instruments especially the Cello and Harp.
94. To me listening to the Bagpipes is comparable to listening to someone scratch their nails on chalk board.
95.I think tickling people is mean.
96.Parallel parking is one of my hidden talents.
97.The names Cooper and Hudson were both initially on our list for girls names.
98.I don't like snowmobiling-too cold.
99.I think excedrin migraine is the best headache medicine.
100.This was a lot easier than I thought it would be:).


  1. I want to say that I was the friend that you paid to see CrossRoads with you. But my memory might be fuzzy...

    1. oh totally were. I wanted to see it but you refused, so I offered to pay and you conceded!It was soooooo bad!hahahaha

    2. Jbear, you also Paged me out of the date-hahahaha, I AM SO RUDE!

  2. I assumed I was the one to page you out of the date, but I didn't want to appear too presumptuous that I showed up in multiple items of your 100 things. I don't think you were rude- you were being careful not to waste his or your time.

  3. Lol, love it Lindsey! I agreed with so many, laughed at a few (because I remember you as a teenager ^^), and was amazed at how awesomely honest you are.

  4. Good grief! I seriously wanted to copy and paste the whole list and then include my comments on every single point! It freaks me out how much we are similar and we only spent about 3 days together! For now I shall say this: L-O-V-E the name Presley ( and Hudson and Cooper haha!), I would also choose Candy over Flowers, and food and sleep and alot of others things. I'm going to get me some Excedrin, I have terrible headaches. I have a husband that can juggle... but he also does magic, so you probably wouldn't like him. But most of all I can't believe about Harry Potter... that might end the strange friendship we have.

    p.s. are you going to camp? I AM!