Friday, March 23, 2012


So I got my first iPhone January 1st 2011 and immediately searched out cool apps. Instagram was one of the first apps that I got, and I thought it was pretty clever, but not many of my friends had it and so I had no one to follow.

Recently I rediscovered Instagram and tonnes of people are on it. I am addicted. I cant even believe how awesome Iphoneography is! There are so many cool apps-lots for free, and it makes capturing memories on the go so fun and easy!

You can add filters to your pictures to give them cool effects, you can make collages and I even saw an app that allows you to send your pictures to your computer wirelessly! Too cool! 

here are a couple of my recent pics...

 Some people are so serious about iPhone photography that they even add lenses to their phone-haha. There are even college courses on it:)

That is just my little rant and plea-if you have an iPhone-download Instagram and add me so I can see all of your cool pics!Just be careful, it is addicting!

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