Monday, January 23, 2012

3 months today!

Baby Cooper is 3 months today! He continues to be a wonderful and adorable baby who let's us divide our attention with his busy brother.
Today after nap Hudson was so excited to play with his brother, and I snapped some pictures that literally melt my heart. I love watching Hudson LOVE his baby brother.

Being a Mom to these boys is so rewarding. I love them so much. I feel like being a Mom makes me feel so much more vulnerable! I am just so in love with my little family, and I can only HOPE that they have wonderful lives and are kept safe!

Here are a couple more of my sweet 3month old in a pair of jammies that I just love seeing him in(I think that this is the last time he will wear them-they are just getting too small)

I feel so privileged!

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  1. Such cute boys you have and yes being a mother is the most amazing thing ever. All you want is for them to be the best person they can and you hope you don't mess that up. You must be doing an awesome job as Hudson is so loving to his baby brother you have taught him how to love and that is so important, I wish my kids had that when they were little.