Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One project down...

So I am still working at organizing, but a HUGE part of that is finishing the half a million partially done projects I have on the go! I easily get really excited about projects but for one reason or another I rarely FINISH them. The following project is one that I got from our Super Saturday Relief Society Meeting.
Our cute Relief Society organized a craft day, and one of the projects were these adorable wreaths. Both my Mom and I got the supplies, but I just finally did both of ours(thanks Mom for leaving all of your stuff at my house and for hinting that you wanted yours done too)

This is how they turned out. They are a bit different than the model only because I have seen so many different felt flowers on Pinterest that I wanted to learn how to make(I will link all of the flower tutorials at the end of this post). I also bought some rhinestone buttons from etsy a while ago for another project and just put them to use. I made my wreath pretty neutral as I wanted a wintery wreath, but I made my Mom's a bit brighter. I am hoping it will look pretty on her new house!The grapevine wreaths are available for just 4 or 5 dollars from Michaels, and I bought some of the felt at the dollar store and Fabricland. Other than that all you need is a glue gun and some scissors.

It feels great to get these things done, as I have been wanting to get started on a couple new projects, but I am not allowing myself to start anything new until I get some of my started projects finished-heehee.
Here is my Mom's

Here are the tutorials I used for the felt flowers

As for the Heath's, we have all been feeling a bit under the weather, especially poor Shane. We are STILL working on potty training Hudson, and seriously it is getting OLD fast!
The highlight of Hudson's week was getting to play with daddy's huge TV box-that was converted into a play house.

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