Friday, January 20, 2012

Campaign Skinny 2012

Shane and I decided that we are both a little chubbier than we would like to be. Both of us are fairly competitive people and driven by money. Last night we decided that tomorrow we would each start our own diet and exercise plan and in one month we would have a weigh in.Whoever loses the most weight gets 50$ and more importantly bragging rights!
Essentially we both just needed a reason to get moving! Tonight we went out for one last binge. We hit up Costco and had Poutine, Pizza and Chicken strips-it was glorious. After I downed what I thought was Diet Coke Shane told me he had already sabotaged me and gave me regular Coke! Unbelievable! So Campaign Skinny here we come! We will have one weigh in at our half way point and then in one month. I will be sure to announce the winner!

Here is a reminder to us of what we looked like a with a few less pounds(and a bit more hair-Shane and less grey hair-Lindsey)

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  1. I am your blog stalker and miss you so much when I read about your life! I am moving back and we are picking up where we left off. Period.