Friday, January 20, 2012

Some organizing projects

Okay, we are still on lock down here in Alberta, so we keep plugging away here in the Heath House. Our latest projects all involve ORGANIZING. (Poor Hudson keeps talking about organizing as he has been "helping" me with all of my projects!)
Shane bought a new TV on boxing day, so we are moving our living room TV up to our bonus room. I have been trying to get things organized up there to prepare for us switching things around. Can I just say 2 things-1.I hate playrooms, they are just messy and gross and 2.-Kids seriously have waaaaaaay too many toys.
My main storage unit in Hudson's playroom is a Kijiji find, dresser turned toy storage. I decided it was time to help Hudson learn where things went and organize all of the drawers. I labelled his drawers with vinyl. He is pretty good with letters and numbers and so far is figuring out where things need to go.

Here is our final product!
Note:the little stinker already has tried to take the vinyl letters off-we will see how long they last-heehee.

I don't know if anyone out there would find this next organizing tip useful but I LOVE IT, so quick and easy. I have a lack of storage space EVERYWHERE in my house. Our front closet is especially bad. I love purses and handbags and usually I have two or three in use at all times, but nowhere to put them. To combat this I just bought some of those 3M hooks and popped them on the back wall of my closet and now I have somewhere to hang my purses that is not in the way(even when the coats are in front of them)

I have been working on under the sink and the never ending junk drawer as well as photo organization to jump start my goal of being more organized this year. I welcome ANY helpful hints for these areas, because they have all been weaknesses for me.
I love feeling more organized and de-cluttering-maybe this cold isn't that bad after all!

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