Monday, January 2, 2012

Bye Bye Serena

Okay, I am on to the last post, on my to do list of posts. This one may be the last, but is sure not the least. I wanted to do a special post about a special friend and her family.
Our friend Serena Depew and her cute family have been a huge part of my families' life since we met a few years ago. I first knew of her when she went to church in the same congregation as Shane and I when we were first married. I would admire her little boy Jaxen, who then was just over one year old-he seriously is one sweet kid! I officially met her when I was invited over to her apartment(which oddly was right next door to our condo) by a mutual friend days after she had her second little boy Rex in May of 2008 and it has a sisterly love since then! I love this girl!
Our relationship was able to flourish when the trifecta was formed in September of 2008. Whitney Baldry, Serena and I all moved from the ward(or congregation) we were living in to a new area of Edmonton(Tamarack-where we are currently living) where were were all literally next(or back)door neighbors. Our duplex's lovingly formed a triangle and thus formed our sisterhood:the trifecta.
A few months after we moved to Tamarack, I was on maternity leave with Hudson and at the time we did not have our back fence built, so we literally shared a back yard and would make trips back and forth between homes multiple times a day. My life was like an episode of friends! Serena's house was in the middle of Whitney and mine, so we tended to congregate at Serena's place. We hung out, made crafts, visited and shared so so so many fun times during the time we all lived so close. We all knew it would not last forever, and I am proud to look back and know that we loved every minute while it lasted.Shortly after Hudson came, Sadie joined us-Serena's daughter, and Hudson and Sadie became close pals. Since this blissful time in my life, both Whitney and Nathan and Serena and Jesse both built beautiful homes(lucky for me just a few blocks away) and moved from the trifecta triangle.(leaving me alone in the now tamarack ghetto-hahaha) Then my maternity leave was up and I returned to work. We have been able to stay close, but I do still long for those simple days!!
Serena and Jesse and their little brood are now off to new adventures in Phoenix and then in Raymond. I have LOVED having such an awesome friend so close. In the summer Hudson and I would just walk over to their new house, or sometimes they would surprise us and walk over to our house. The kids would play in the yard and Serena and I would sit on the deck and watch them and enjoy each others company.Ahhh so many fun times.I have to say that a few of the things I love about this woman, are the fact that she is one of the least judgmental, and most LOYAL people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Serena would give you the shirt off her back and is kind and generous almost to a fault. She was always so nice to my sometimes bratty Hudson, and was ALWAYS up for a great time. I love you Serena, and I can't wait to come and visit you in Raymond. You are an incredible friend, mom and wife! I am so thankful you were placed in my life!!!!
Top 5 Serena Memories 
  1. When Jaxen pantsed you at Home Depot(when you were holding Rex and paint-so you couldn't pull them back up)
  2. Your Casino story. Nope I wasn' t there, but I was there when you told the story and I can hardly type, cause just remembering the story is making me laugh so hard.
  3. Being pregnant at the same time as you, and us trying to induce our labours!
  4. Zebra stripes midnight hair dying(we thought we were the coolest)
  5. Having you there to witness a dog eat my son's poopy diaper!

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