Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If you love it, why don't you marry it?

So when I was growing up, when anyone in our family said they loved something, someone else would always reply with "Then why don't you marry it?". Yes we were pretty obnoxious! That being said I am prepared to have my family ask me "then why don't you marry Kijiji?", cuz I LOVE it.
When Shane and I first moved into our duplex we had more space than furniture and less money than time. I was on maternity leave and Shane was in grad school. I learned quickly that if  I was going to furnish our home, I was going to have to find some deals and use some elbow grease in lieu of money.

This past week I rekindled my love for Kijiji when I found another fantastic deal that has allowed us to use our limited space more wisely. We have a "bonus room" above our garage that we have turned into a play room for Hudson. We had an old couch up there that was incredibly uncomfortable, so that room was seldom used.The old couch received an unfortunate makeover when Hudson decided to poke holes through all of the cushions with a knitting needle and unstuff the cushions. This gave me the opportunity to get something new up there. I knew that I didn't want to spend a tone of money, in case Hudson unleashed his destruction prowess again. I found this couch for 150 bucks, and it is seriously so comfortable! Now I don't dread supervising Hudson and I have a new found love for this space!
 Here are a few other steals from Kijiji!
I bought the chair on the left for 20 bucks, then recovered it with some fabric I already had (to be honest it was a tablecloth-haha). The chair on the right was free, and I picked up the fabric at fabricland.
This china cabinet cost me 50 bucks and coat of white paint(note: don't mind the unfinished right door-haha)

 Sorry for the bad photos!(this picture makes the fish tank looks so gross-it is actually crystal clear:) Here I bought a bedroom set and turned this dresser into toy storage. I paid only 125 for this dresser, another dresser, 2 night stands, and a twin bed frame. I have the other dresser in my room, and I gave the 2 night stands to my sister, and sold the bed frame(on Kijiji) for 30 bucks. I sanded this baby down and coated it in black paint. Previously I had used it as a side bar and added legs to it, but after I got the china cabinet, this guy moved to the toy room.

Downstairs we have an unfinished basement. Shane and I  LOVE to read, but we needed a lot more storage for some of our books (mostly Shane's really). I found this white ikea expedit shelving system for 60 bucks.
Other things we have bought from Kijiji are Hudson's bedroom furniture and Cooper's crib and change table and our treadmill.
If you have not used Kijiji before, try it out. You can save some major money! People are usually pretty flexible on price and don't forget to ask if sellers if they will deliver(never hurts to ask). I have found that a lot of the time people have great items for sale but they are either moving or downsizing or they have items that they no longer use. There are also a lot of items on Kijiji that are free.
Just be careful-it gets addicting:)(Shane has had to do a Kijiji intervention)
Happy Kijijiing

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