Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too Early for Valentines?

Today I snapped a couple pictures of the boys that I think are too cute not to share! I ordered a digital Valentine's Day card from Etsy, and wanted a picture to put in it, so here they are.

 This one Hudson was getting so mad, then he gave me this geeky smile like a champ.
While I was taking pictures I noticed the boys were holding hands-so cute!They just melt my heart.

And this one is my favorite!

Then, tonight I went to Young Womens and we made these cute and yummy treats. I tried making them at Christmas and although they tasted yummy they were not nearly as pretty as these ones turned out. I get to work with some pretty special girls and they did SUCH a great job making these treats.

 My sister in law makes these caramel and chocolate covered pretzels each Christmas and has explained to me how to make them, but then I found this tutorial on Pinterest which really helped me (I like pictures)
Pretty much all of the supplies can be bought at Michaels(I have never seen the pretzels anywhere else). So if your looking for a Yummy treat to make your Valentine, try these!

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